While there are many advantages to completing a sleep test at home, the primary benefit is the vast number of people who would otherwise go untreated for sleep apnea due to location, cost, transportation, mobility, mental health, etc. if it were not an option for the patient to test at home. Without home sleep testing, too many at-risk individuals would go undiagnosed and thus, untreated, for sleep apnea. Due to the severe health risks associated with leaving sleep apnea untreated, this is simply not a viable option for our families, communities, health care facilities, and insurance providers.

Additionally, home sleep testing is convenient for the patient and does not disrupt their normal routine or sleeping habits.  Testing at home closely replicates a typical night’s sleep for the patient and their family members, eliminating the anxiety and discomfort that is sometimes associated with testing away from home.  With home sleep testing there is no need to change schedules, arrange child care, coordinate transportation or miss an evening with loved ones.

The home sleep test is incredibly easy to use and can be set up quickly at home without assistance. Our clear and descriptive video, picture and written instructions make testing at home reliable and worry-free. Shasta Sleep Services offers friendly 24 hour technical support in case questions arise at any point during testing.

Home sleep testing is extremely affordable and is covered by almost all insurance providers. Cash payment options are available for those with high deductibles or without insurance.

Shasta Sleep Services also provides a quick turn around time for results. Within two business days of receiving the completed testing device, Shasta Sleep Services provides the scored and interpreted results to the ordering physician. This is especially important for high risk patients, truck drivers, pain management patients and individuals who are scheduled to undergo surgery. All results are interpreted and signed by a California Board Certified Sleep Physician.