Home sleep testing (HST) has been approved by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and is covered by most insurance providers including Medicare and Partnership Healthplan of CA. Home sleep testing is sometimes called Out of Center Sleep Testing (OOCST) or Unattended Portable Monitoring (PM).

Shasta Sleep Services uses the Philips Respironics Alice Night One for all home sleep testing. The Alice Night One is easy to use, efficient and reliable with minimal errors. The Alice Night One has comfortable sensors and intuitive icons making it easy for patients to complete the set up at home.  The device includes Smart Guide technology which provides step-by-step instructions to ensure all sensors are working correctly, reducing the chance of user error. The device will indicate if additional testing is required before the patient returns the equipment to our office, further streamlining the process.


A home sleep test is recommended for select adults over the age of 18 who are highly likely to have moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and who do not have other serious medical conditions or suspected sleeping disorders other than OSA.

Signs of moderate to severe OSA include excessive daytime sleepiness, gasping or choking during sleep, loud snoring interrupted by cessation of breathing during sleep, difficulty concentrating during the day and morning headaches.

Home sleep testing is not recommended if serious medical conditions such as congestive heart failure, neuromuscular disease or moderate to severe pulmonary disease are present.

If sleeping disorders other than OSA; such as narcolepsy, central sleep apnea, insomnia, periodic limb movement disorder or restless leg syndrome are suspected, a home sleep test may not be the best option.

Home sleep testing is a valuable tool that has revolutionized sleep medicine and streamlined the sleep testing process; however, it is not appropriate for everyone. If serious medical conditions or other sleep disorders are suspected, an in-lab polysomnography is likely a better choice for sleep testing.

Talk to your doctor about which option is best for you.